Advantages of Kebob System Technology for making Kebobs
Kebob System Technology offers the most versatile, durable, highest production-level kebob systems in the industry. View Videos  

The Advantages of Kebob System Technology™

Kebob System Technology offers two options to satisfy your kebob production appetite:
      1) The new HomeStyle™ kebob machine produces a handmade look, in varying lengths, with enough throughput capacity to meet hungry market demand.
      2) The COMBI™, EZ-600™ and Modular Line™ offer kebob production from 1,400 to 10,000 square-shaped kebobs per hour.  If your customers' demand attractive kebobs, within a tight weight spec, and ones which cooks thoroughly in a predictable time, put this equipment in your production line. 
        Kebob System TechnologyTM equipment is manufactured by the company which first invented and patented automated kebob equipment, a company which has withstood every competitors challenge, and still delivers the sturdiest, most reliable and lowest maintenance kebob equipment in the market.